A4: Moving Parts!

Source Files: Onshape (Body), Rhino File

Design Process

My design idea was inspired by the globe. I wanted to make something simple yet effective and then I looked into moving globes. Therefore, I decided to design a simpler version of the globe being a gyroscope.

After sketching some basic ideas and getting help from thingsverse.com , I first started my design in Rhino and then moved it by converting it to stp in Onshape. I was having a difficult time learning Onshape and I was limited because of some of the features. After, importing my stp files in Onshape I changed bit of a dimension of each of the ring and adjusted it a bit. I kept the size of my rings to be about 0.8inches so its not too thick nor too thin to fall of when press fitted together.

After extruding, I tried to assemble the body, but couldn't not find a way to assemble the rings as there was no base to it.

Printing Process

After finishing design in Onshape, I exported the surface of all the parts into stl files. First, I tried to print all the rings into one print bed but certainly due to extruders not working properly it took a while to start the print. Then, leaving that I divided my rings into 2 parts one printer would print 3 and other would print the outer most ring. While I started that I noticed that the first layer with the cones had difficult to print and rather than one shape it printed tiny cones differently. So, I learned from Lucas that you had to put the quality high when selcting to prepare to print in Dremel. Using that tip, I started to print my Rings in the printer and I set the nozzel temp. at 235 and bed temp. at 60 so I could make it go faster. It took about 2 hr 50 min to print all the parts.

Here are all the parts I used for building the gyroscope

Moving Parts Demo

Voila! A gyroscope (gonna be my to go stress reliver)!

As the rings are the moving parts, it can pretty much go in any direction.


Shoutout to Josh, Lucas and Megha for help and advice! As well as thingsverse for inspiration.