A7: Final Project Proposal!


Me and my roommate have a cat and I wanted to build a toy of some kind for her. She loves to play with teasers but thought it might get boring to just build one. So through some reearch I learned about the baby mobiles and thought why not something along the lines for a cat.

Design Concept

My final project concept is a hand held or attachable cat toy mobile made with the combination of several techniques: 2D Design, Laser Cutting, Moving Parts, and 3D CAD design and printing. The intended use case is for playing and making cats excersice. The context can be hand-held, and can also be stuck into under the table as thats our fav place of our cat.



Bill of Materials

  1. Plywood for laser cutting: Sourced May 29th, from used packages
  2. 3D printing filament: will be bought from Mill Maker space
  3. Rivet for moving parts: Already there from class
  4. Strings for hanging the objects and the bells: Ordered via Amazon


I would like to thank Haihua as I really liked her style of formatting for the github pages. And it has helped me quite a lot when working with github pages.