A8: Final Project!


Me and my roommate have a cat and I wanted to build a toy of some kind for her. She loves to play with teasers but thought it might get boring to just build one. So through some reearch I learned about the baby mobiles and thought why not something along the lines for a cat.

Design Concept

My final project concept is a hand held or attachable cat toy mobile made with the combination of several techniques: 2D Design, Laser Cutting, Moving Parts, and 3D CAD design and printing. The intended use case is for playing and making cats excersice. The context can be hand-held, and can also be stuck into under the table as thats our fav place of our cat.

Design Process

Printing and Execution Process

Support Parts

When laser cutting the first time I didn’t realize I did the rivet size and the center holes the same size. So I had to redo them with proper size measure.

3D printing

Final Product

Wooden parts turned out to be okay. Now it was just the matter of checking the rivet (provided by Joshua in class) works and if it moves smoothly or not. And apparently, it did.

3D parts turned out to be fine. Even though it took me multiple attempts to get it right.

Bill of Materials

  1. Plywood for laser cutting: Bought from the Mill - May 29th. 300mm x 300mm x 3mm wood
  2. 3D printing filament: Shared with Megha
  3. Rivet for moving parts: Already there from class given Joshua
  4. Elastic string and bells bought from Art and Supply store in U-District

Source Files

Testing with Gracy


Thanks to Megha for the filament. Lucas to help with OnShape. And Joshua for providing rivets in class and Onshape file for the size. Staff at the mill for helping on adjusting the laser cutting settings and also suggesting to using Raft and support both.