Dhwani's HCDE 598 Digital Fabrication Page!

My name is Dhwani Vekaria! I'm an first-year HCDE masters student. I love learning new technologies and I am excited to learn all that jazz about laser cutting, 3D printing and more to help make prototype for the independent projects. Being pretty new to field I am also excited to collaborate and learn from the peers.

Assignment 1: Blink!

Assignment 1 was a laser cut dices!

Assignment 3: 3D Lamp

Assignment 3 was wooden lamp!

A4: Onshape + 3D Printing: Moving Parts!

Assignment 4 was a little gyroscope with moving parts, designed with Onshape and rhino and made with 3D printing

A5: Subtractive Fabrication & CNC milling!

Assignment 5 was a slotting joint box

A6: Casting and Molding

Assignment 6 was a leaf stamp

A7: Final Project Proposal

Assignment 7 is final project: Cat Toy mobile

A8: Final Project

Assignment 8 is final project: Cat Toy mobile